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“There is nothing like this anywhere else in the world”

A young man from Oradea invented a unique way to clean the toilet. No, it’s not about some miracle solution, or some revolutionary powder. It’s about sawdust. Yes, you read that right. The Romanian replaced water with sawdust.

Teodor Gomboș accessed 25,000 euros from European funds, and what followed is worthy of the greatest inventors. The Oradean invented an ecological toilet, Arida Cultus (in Latin, dry toilet), which uses sawdust instead of water.

The ecological toilet is made of wood and metal, and instead of the water tank there is a sawdust tank. The mechanism is functional and with each use it releases 250 grams of sawdust into the toilet bowl.

The idea of ​​the Romanian was that the sawdust scattered in the toilet bowl neutralizes unpleasant smells. Thus, when the toilet is used, the installed sensors will trigger the sawdust.

“In Oradea and in the whole county we lack public toilets. Why not have a toilet in the bus stations in the county, in the parks in the city, not to mention the mountain tourist areas?

I found it hard to believe, but I discovered that there are few manufacturers of ecological toilets in the world, and most of them make those plastic toilets, which we all know and avoid, because they smell bad.” said Teodor Gomboș, according to Bihoreanul.

At the same time, the droppings are removed in a separate tank lined with a household bag. As soon as it fills up, the litter bag is removed and replaced with a new one. Nothing is thrown away, everything is recycled.

Manure with sawdust is used for the production of electricity.

“The joy of knowing that you have contributed to the quality of life in your city cannot be compared to any other gain. In Bihor, they can also be handed over to the power plant in Săcueni, which uses biomass for the production of electricity”, Teo declared for Bihoreanul.

The Oradean is already on the second prototype of the ecological toilet and hopes to turn the city of Oradea into an example and his invention to reach more and more countries. The price of the ecological toilet is 4,200 euros. Currently, companies from Poland and Australia have contacted Teodor for future collaborations.

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